WordPress Academy Certification

What you will learn from this WordPress Academy Certification course.

  • Why WordPress?
  • Is it WordPress.com or WordPress.org?
  • WordPress Themes: Where To Find Them
  • The Web Server for WordPress
  • The dashboard for WordPress
  • Files & Folders for WordPress
  • Blog on WordPress: Increasing SEO
  • Starting With WooCommerce in WordPress eCommerce
  • Child themes in WordPress eCommerce: Why Use Them?
  • WordPress eCommerce: Installing a Child Theme
  • Strings, variables, and constants in PHP
  • Data types and operations in PHP
  • Basics of PHP: Arrays
  • WordPress installation and database setup for theme development
  • What is a multisite? – WordPress Multisite
  • Activating a WordPress network using WordPress Multisite
  • WordPress Multisite: Themes and Plugins

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