Useful Excel For Beginners

Learn from the experts from scratch how to master Microsoft excel to become the best. This useful excel for beginners tutorial is designed to give you hand on practical and knowing how to use Microsoft excel.

Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for everyone outside academia. This software application helps in running daily activities by using it to record lists, data, and bookkeeping relevant information. However, there is more to learn from this free excel tutorial.

Excel for beginners free

You will gain a solid understanding of Excel’s principles and skills in this course. Beginner Excel users and those who have never used it before make up the course’s target audience.

All you need to be successful in learning this useful excel for beginners course is a laptop computer or desktop computer with Microsoft office suite installed to participate whiles you watch the video tutorials in the course.

What are some essential uses of Excel?

  • Sales recording
  • Project management
  • Timeline management
  • Business analysis
  • Data presentation
  • Plotting graphs

List of Excel functions everyone should know

Ctrl+Shift++Add multiple rows
Alt+H+LRemove duplicates
Alt+W+FFreezes Panes
F4Repeats action
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow KeysHighlight
Ctrl + WClose current window
Alt + MNavigate to the formula tab
Alt + H + A + CCenter cell container
Shift + F2Comment cell
Ctrl + ;Insert current date
Ctrl + Shift + $Insert currency
Shift + SpaceSelect entire row
Ctrl + SpaceSelect entire column

Find the free excel course here to enroll. This tutorial is one hundred percent free to enroll and start learning. Enroll here.

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