Top 6 Kansas Attorney Malpractice Insurance To Purchase

Kansas Attorney Malpractice Insurance

Kansas attorney malpractice insurance is becoming famous gradually. Kansas state has the most fastest evolving legal environment. Practicing law exposes you to risk and it does not matter the type of law you practice. The law practitioner also needs malpractice insurance to practice the law.

According to a study in the United States, “Medical malpractice lawsuits are divided into three categories: 26% are connected to inability to diagnose; 24% are related to surgery; 28.5 percent are related to incorrect treatment; and 5.1 percent are related to adverse medication events (data for 2017-2021). The remaining allegations usually concern anesthetic responses, injection site damage, a lack of informed consent, or poor monitoring.”

Malpractice LawsuitsPercentage
Failure t diagnose in health26%
Incorrect treatment5.1%
Other s44.9%
legal malpractice
Kansas Attorney Malpractice Insurance

Just like in other profession, every mistake done can cost the firm millions or billions of dollars for penalty and compensation, same rule also applies in practicing law. Legal malpractices keeps surging up in Kansas and other states in the United States. It is hard to keep up in trends and updates in a profession but as hard as it can be sometimes, it is a must to always be updated. This is no different from getting yourself in penalty before closing on a case in Kansas due to the evolving nature of its legal environment.

Whether you practice criminal defense, bankruptcy or reals estate, no attorney is free from becoming the target of malpractice while on a case. There are a lot of bad clients any legal practitioner is likely to come across. The number and size of malpractice incidents raised against attorneys is alarming. A client is likely to make social media judge an attorney should there be any claim of malpractice.

Legal malpractice claims mostly comes up as a result of wrong filling dates, error inn typography, spelling mistakes, missing documents and others basic things likely to cause harm when overlooked.

Most lawyers recognize that getting sued for malpractice is an unavoidable aspect of their job. While each case is unique, the majority of claims are founded on one or more of the following:

  • Negligence is defined as a failure to give the level of care that a reasonably reasonable attorney would offer.
  • Breach of contract is failing to fulfill a contractual duty to a client or third party.
  • Fraud is when a lawyer falsely claims to have particular knowledge or information in order to persuade someone else to take action in his or her favor.
  • Malicious prosecution. Bringing a claim against someone without reasonable cause and then continuing with the claim after knowing that it lacked probable cause.
  • Insanity. When a client signs an agreement with an attorney, his or her mental incompetence prohibits him or her from knowing what he or she is doing.

Why Should I Have Legal Malpractice Insurance?

You might be held accountable for damages in court if your activities cause a client to lose money or incur losses, whether you represent yourself or operate as an employee of an attorney. The rules regulating legal malpractice differ by jurisdiction, but all states hold attorneys responsible if they give poor counsel to their clients or fail to take adequate action when necessary.

Lawyers are professionals whose job it is to see that justice is served. They also have a responsibility to defend the rights of their clients and the general public by adhering to the law. A lawyer may be held accountable for their acts if they break this responsibility and cause injury to a client or another person.

Legal malpractice insurance

What is a legal malpractice insurance? One of the most important types of liability coverage for a law company or practicing attorney is legal malpractice insurance. Any faults or errors made when dealing with a customer might result in malpractice or negligence claims being filed against a person or organization, resulting in more litigation. The purpose of the a malpractice insurance is to cover financial burdens from claims a client can make against any attorney in the process of practicing law. It is a normal occurrence in the legal environment.

Legal malpractice insurance may not be necessary in every state but a Kansas attorney malpractice insurance is a must due to the number and size of malpractice. Claims against attorneys is on the rise the economy has taken its toll on all businesses and law firms are no exception downsizing and other cost cutting measures are leading to rise in claims and lawyers liability. Legal malpractice insurance can be very expensive. A solo attorney premium malpractice insurance costs $2,300.

Kansas attorneys

The number of attorney in Kansas keeps increasing annually. The profession has a lot of opportunities if not Kansas’s legal environment won’t be evolving that fast to put legal practitioners under strict checks. Here is what you need to know about Kansas attorneys. All applicants for admission must have lived in Kansas for at least one year previous to filing their application, according to a Kansas Supreme Court rule. The attorney general’s office validates that candidates complete all admission standards, including completing a bar test or another examination set by Kansas’ supreme court.

Kansas bar association

Attorney malpractice insurance in Kansas protects lawyers and law firms from claims of misconduct, mistakes, or omissions that cause financial harm to their clients. In order to be licensed in Kansas, attorneys must have this form of insurance. Before being admitted to the Supreme Court of Kansas, all attorneys must present proof of insurance. The minimum limit is $100,000 per event and $300,000 cumulatively, with a $1,000 annual premium. Your insurance provider may need greater limits if you have more than $100,000 in net worth or income.

In Kansas, you must have at least $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage in addition to any other necessary liability coverage; however, there are no extra premium requirements for this additional coverage. If you practice business law (such as corporate law) in Kansas, your umbrella coverage must cover at least $300,000/$600,000.

Disclaimer: The figures stated in this article are estimated costs and may or may not reflect the actual cost to variation insurance quotes from different legal malpractice insurance providers.

The cost of attorney malpractice insurance in Kansas is determined by a number of factors, including:

The background of the attorney’s professional conduct. An attorney who has previously had claims filed against him or her will cost more than a lawyer who has never had any claims filed against him or her. The claimant may be allowed to claim for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages, as well as reimbursement for the costs of employing an attorney to bring a claim against the lawyer. The payout given is determined by a number of variables, including the severity of the damage and the need for medical care.

The size and kind of legal firm that will be covered. Because there is just one person representing clients instead of several persons sharing responsibility for discrepancies made during representation of a client, solo practitioners are more likely to face lawsuits than huge firms with dozens or hundreds of attorneys. Small companies also have less resources at their disposal for fighting litigation than bigger legal firms, which means that small enterprises have a harder time defending themselves.

List of best legal malpractice insurance to purchase

If you operate in the legal field, you’ll need a professional liability coverage to protect yourself and your clients from personal injury claims, lawsuits, and other obligations. Legal Malpractice Insurance covers the costs of defending a case and paying damages.

  • ALPS legal malpractice insurance
  • CoverWallet
  • biBERK
  • L Squared Insurance Agency
  • Aon Attorney’s Advantage
  • Brunswick Companies

ALPS legal malpractice insurance

ALPS legal malpractice insurance is a one-of-a-kind policy that covers both lawyers and law firms. ALPS legal malpractice insurance shields your firm from the financial consequences of a legal malpractice lawsuit. ALPS legal malpractice insurance also protects attorneys who are involved in a personal case.

With ALPS legal malpractice insurance, you can be certain that your firm will be protected from all forms of lawsuits including carelessness or mistakes in legal practice. ALPS legal malpractice insurance’s key benefit is that it helps professionals like attorneys to continue practicing their profession without fear of being sued for negligence. This type of policy will protect your practice from being sued by your clients if they believe you have failed to provide proper service or representation.

CoverWallet legal malpractice insurance

CoverWallet legal malpractice insurance protects the insured attorney or legal advisor in the case of a claim alleging carelessness or error on their part. This coverage also covers the insured’s defense costs up to a specified amount, giving financial and psychological security. CoverWallet offers two types of legal malpractice insurance policies.

  • General liability insurance covers claims originating from acts or omissions made when delivering professional services, such as carelessness, errors and omissions, and property damage.
  • Professional liability insurance protects you and your employees from claims originating from errors or omissions while providing professional services. These insurance policies might also cover additional experts in your practice.

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