Kansas abortion amendment

Kansas will remain one of the few red states where abortion is commonly available, according to the decision, which comes just six weeks after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade. It also gives proponents of abortion rights optimism that ballot measures in other conservative states may restore or retain access to the practice.”

“Emily Wales, president of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, which serves Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, said experiencing the impact of recent abortion restrictions in a dozen states made the issue more concrete for Kansans and prompted them to vote no.”

Kansas abortion amendment

“This level of government overreach — literally interfering in the decisions a physician and patient make together — has resonated with people in Kansas,” she said. “It’s a scary moment to think that you or your loved one might be in a situation where it’s not up to you or your provider what care you can get and instead it’s up to the government and what they think you deserve.”

“Turnout for the primary also exceeded expectations on Tuesday, reaching levels comparable to those seen in presidential elections in several counties. More than 900,000 people voted, with 59% opposing the measure.”

“In-person early voting, which tends to favor Democrats, was about 250 percent more than in the previous primary midterm election in 2018, when both Democrats and Republicans had close governor’s contests, while mail-in ballots were more than double.”

“The “no” campaign exceeded in more conservative places, such as Shawnee County in the state’s east, where it finished several points above President Joe Biden’s performance in 2020.”

“Supporters of abortion rights groups applauded, sobbed, leaped, and embraced one other tightly as additional waves of votes were tabulated in their favor during a campaign watch party in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park. In a hotel ballroom, teens with purple hair and cutoffs mixed with older men and women in suits. As the results were announced, one woman hugged a doll of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

“Abortion isn’t a partisan issue — that’s a trap people fall into,” Ashley All, Kansans for Constitutional Freedom spokesperson, told POLITICO. “That’s just not how most Americans or most Kansans think about the issue.”

“Abortion rights groups around the country applauded the results, seeing the rejection of the Kansas referendum as a model for future attempts in towns and states across the country. The vote also contradicted the myth that abortion is a more powerful incentive for conservative voters, and it may serve as a reminder to Republican politicians throughout the country that the Roe decision will face significant opposition in the coming months and years.”

“Reproductive freedom is a winning issue, now and in November,” NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju said in a statement. “Anti-choice lawmakers take note: The voters have spoken, and they will turn out at the ballot box to oppose efforts to restrict reproductive freedom.”

“The judgment means that Kansas abortion clinics can continue to treat not just Kansans, but also patients from Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and other states that prohibited the operation after Roe v. Wade, many of whom have flown to Kansas in recent weeks. The anti-abortion campaign capitalized on this trend, warning in advertisements that if the amendment failed, the state would become an “abortion destination” like California.”

“Not only is Kansas a firmly conservative state that twice voted for President Donald Trump, but the Republican legislature elected to hold the primary election rather than the general election. Turnout is often much lower in August, which benefits Republicans, who have more contested primaries in Kansas than Democrats. And many more progressive college students are away for the summer.”

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