4 Top Best Car Insurance For Tesla

Insurance for Tesla car models are highly competitive in the sense that the insurance offers cover some selected states in the United States of America. However the company hopes to expand its insurance coverage in the near future.

Buying a Tesla car, you first know the high expense to take care of in the future in terms of damages and repair. General car insurance companies may not be up to standard to cater for a the Tesla models.

The technology advancement in Tesla car models will require only Tesla insurance. Tesla understands the vehicles technology, safety and above all how to repair any damages to eliminate extra costs, leaving your Tesla car in same great piece.

Insurance For Tesla

Best insurance for Tesla

  • Tesla insurance for new owners.
  • Tesla insurance for current owners.
  • Tesla insurance for owners without Tesla vehicle ownership.
  • Tesla insurance for non-Tesla vehicle owners in California.

Auto insurance for Tesla

To purchase an insurance from Tesla you need to sign up using the Tesla app. You will need to submit information about you using the mobile app which includes drivers license, address, date of birth, car model to connect.

Best insurance for Tesla model 3

Auto insurance is very expensive for Tesla model 3 vehicles. Electric cars are costing and expensive to repair when there is a damage.

So far, USA has been ranked to be best company to insure your Tesla model 3 vehicle. That’s good news for you to know that USA offers the best auto insurance coverage for model 3 Tesla cars but the sad part is the insurance is accessible to only military persons and their family members.

Best insurance for Tesla model Y

The average price of insurance for Tesla model Y is double the price of any other car model. From comparison made from the various insurance companies non can be termed as cheap. Quite expensive. Below is a table showing the various prices with respective insurance company.

Insurance CompanyEstimated Prices/ Annually
Nationwide Auto Insurance$5,250
Allied Auto Insurance$3,700
GEICO Auto Insurance$2,440
Progressive Auto Insurance$1,631
USAA Auto Insurance$2,119
State Farm Auto Insurance$2,050
Allstate Auto Insurance$4,430
Insurance For Tesla

Insurance for Tesla model S

Allstate has increased insurance coverage to include Tesla vehicles. This is an excellent alternative for Tesla owners, who can now purchase more comprehensive insurance packages for their vehicles. Allstate provides a number of policies, including some that include additional coverage for parts and labor. This might be an excellent choice for Tesla owners who want to cover their vehicles but do not want to purchase an entirely new policy.

Cheap insurance for Tesla

States Farms Insurance and Allstate auto insurance are among companies you are likely to purchase a moderate insurance for Tesla.

Tesla’s electric vehicles are synonymous with innovation and flair, yet they may be prohibitively expensive. The firm has been attempting to address this issue with a new insurance plan, but just a few drivers have signed up thus far.

Insurance For Tesla

The company hopes to change that with a new product announced on Monday: a $1,500 insurance policy that covers all damage to a Tesla while it is being driven by someone who already has a basic policy. The plan is the first of its kind for Tesla, which is under intense scrutiny from regulators and other businesses as it attempts to become profitable.

How much is Tesla insurance a month?

The price per month for Tesla insurance is about $500 or more. Depending on the insurance company you sign up with and the Tesla car model you have. Also a Tesla insurance cost may differ from state to states.

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