8 Tips how to write an introduction chapter for a thesis

The introduction in a thesis should communicate the research work intends to the audience, and this can be done by breaking it down by following these steps.

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Steps to write introduction in thesis

  1. State the research topic and give brief background information.
  2. State a short literature review on the general topic. A paragraph.
  3. The thesis introduction can also begin by explaining or defining the topic with reference to published articles related to the research topic.
  4. Sketch out the existing scenario. Identify the gap by evaluating the existing circumstances (advantages/disadvantages) of the topic.
  5. What is the importance of the proposed research?
  6. State the problem statement and justification.
  7. Outline the objectives of the proposed research with the aims.
  8. State your research hypothesis.
how to write an introduction chapter for a thesis
how to write an introduction chapter for a thesis

Problem statement sample

Cancer is a disease that has plagued humanity for thousands of years. The disease has been difficult to diagnose and is often fatal. Early detection and prevention of the disease have been a major goal of researchers for decades. Current methods for cancer screening have been successful in reducing cancer mortality and have saved millions of lives.

How long should a thesis introduction be?

The introduction in the thesis should not be more than two pages. Make it brief and concise.

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