Guide: How to lose weight fast in 30 days

How to lose weight fast

Did you know you can lose about 22 lbs of weight in 30 days using these strategies outlined in this article? All you need is to be determined and dedicate time to this wonderful journey of losing weight fast in 30 days.

This instructional article on how to lose weight fast is intended to guide you to achieve the best of it. Losing weight can be a nightmare with the wrong guide.

How to lose weight fast
Checking weight on a balance scale

Diet control

You have to control your food intake habit. About 70 percent of adults in America are put on weight loss therapy every year. $33 million is spent on weight loss products annually with a counting higher percentage of 57.9% of which are all women.

Making the effort not to skip breakfast in the morning is your gateway to achieving a faster result in weight loss. Ideally, breakfast should be taken latest by 9 am to prepare your stomach for a heavy lunch in the afternoon.

Schedule lunch time always within the hours of 1 pm to 2 pm. This has proven to work for a lot of people. By observing this diet control, the body begins to adapt to the new changes and new metabolic reactions will start to occur henceforth with respective you to change in activities.

During supper, you have to avoid heavy foods. Light soup, vegetable dishes, brown rice, or wheat are great options for you to consider for supper. Make sure to take supper before 6 pm. Eating a heavy meal will require you to exercise vigorously for an hour to speed up food breakdown before going to bed.

NB: Individuals with stomach ulcers or any other stomach complications are required to have snacks in between the main meal as doctors prescribe.

Food to lose weight fast

There are foods to eat and foods not to eat during this weight loss exercise. Here is the list of foods you should eat and food not to eat.

Food and vegetables to
eat to lose weight fast
Food and substance to
avoid losing weight fast
Lemon grass tea to burn belly fatAlcohol (Beer)
RaspberriesFrench fries
Coconut OilIce cream
SoupSugary drinks
Eggs (omega 3 eggs)Pancake syrup
Spicy Chili PeppersWhite rice
Sea VegetablesGranola
BeansCoffee creamer
YogurtNut butter
Cruciferous VegetablesCaesar Salad
Sweet potatoesCookies
BeatsCandy bars
MushroomsFast foods

Habits to avoid losing weight fast in 30 days

While you take a keen interest in controlling your food and drinks intake, you as well consider your daily habits. Some habits are very toxic to your health and also, in the long run, harness the accumulation of fat in your body. Here is a list of habits to observe and put a stop to it if you want to achieve the goal of losing weight fast.

  • List of habits to avoid losing weight
    • Exercise without eating healthy foods and on-time eating
    • Smoking
    • Drinking alcohol
    • Late night eating
    • Not getting enough sleep
    • Avoid junk foods
    • Reduce the rate of fast foods consumption
    • Reduce the intake of pastries and cakes
    • Avoid excessive intake of candy bars

Exercises to lose weight fast at home

To speed up the process, you need to observe one or two forms of these exercises selected and displayed below. You don’t necessarily have to pay expensive user fees to hit the gym in order to lose weight. By observing a controlled meal, a good lifestyle, and the exercises below, you should start seeing progress in your first week.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobics is any form of exercise which help to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood keeping you fit.  Aerobic exercise is one of the top workouts for losing weight and burning fat. It helps you reach your health goals with much efficiency and improves the cardiovascular system.

Half an hour (30 minutes) daily exercise to help you lose weight fast in 30 days.

Skipping or Jumping Rope

Jumping rope can help you burn a lot of calories. One can lose between 667 and 990 kcal each hour if one can go up to 125 skips per minute. Some study indicates that skipping rope burns more calories than jogging.

Skipping and jumping rope exercises to lose weight

Push-Ups and Pull-Ups

Regular push-ups and pull-ups help you build muscles while burning your fat belly. This exercise has proven to give flat tummy and abs build up.

Unlocking push-up potentials in losing weight


This plank guide workout will show a variety of plank work out to help you lose weight. Planking is free and just takes a few minutes; no gym membership or special equipment is necessary.

A three minutes plank exercise to lose weight in 30 days


Squats burn more calories and may aid in weight loss. It also reduces the likelihood of knee and ankle injuries. Why should you do bodyweight squats? Find out by watching the video below.

Effective squat exercise to lose weight


Burpees are an excellent full-body bodyweight workout. Burpees work the majority of your body’s major muscle groups, including your shoulders and chest. Burpees are fantastic fat-burning workouts that help you create strong muscles and boost your metabolism throughout the day.

Burning fat with this burpees workout video tutorial

Final thoughts

How can I drastically lose weight in a week? You can lose weight in a week if you follow all the instructions in this guide. If you are able to lose at least 20 lbs a week, that is okay, keep going. Don’t beat yourself into thinking you can’t lose that belly fat. Get to work and start working out. Be consistent and committed to your training.

Recap: Highlights

In summary, these are the key things you need to take into consideration to speed up your weight loss journey.

  • Do not skip breakfast. Take breakfast by 9 am
  • Eat heavy lunch
  • Do not eat too much at night
  • Avoid late-night eating
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid bad habits that lead to building fat in your body

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