Top 10 High Paying Agriculture Jobs

Choosing a career in the field of Agriculture, one must know the high paying agriculture jobs and what they are expected to earn in a job role.

How to get a high paying agriculture jobs

To earn a decent salary in agriculture is required one to attain a minimum of the first degree in any of the Agriculture and related sciences. On the hand, Master’s, and Ph.D. holders qualify to become a lecturer in a university or head departmental sections in agriculture institutions and research stations.

List of high paying agriculture jobs with an estimated annual salary

High Paying Agriculture JobsEstimated salary/Year
Agribusiness manager$100,020
Farm manager$50,000
Farm technician$56,000
Operations manager$73,000
Veterinarian $100,208
Water resources engineer$50,000
Environmental scientist$70,000
Agronomy manager$72,000
Top 10 High Paying Agriculture Jobs

These high paying agriculture jobs demand some level of expertise and will look at the above list of agriculture jobs in brief.

Top 10 High Paying Agriculture Jobs
Top 10 High Paying Agriculture Jobs

High paying agriculture job descriptions

Agribusiness manager

Agribusiness managers plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of a company that involves agriculture, such as agribusiness companies. They specialize in business, leadership, and agricultural management, and typically have a major in agribusiness.

They are responsible for the overall success of their department, ensuring that their employees meet established productivity goals. Agribusiness managers also plan and direct the activities of their department, and ensure that their employees meet established productivity goals.

Farm manager

As the farm manager, it is your job to ensure that the team is working well together and that the jobs being done are being done well. You are the first point of contact for most questions and concerns, and it is up to you to fix whatever is broken. You are in charge of hiring and firing, and you are the most responsible person on the team. You are also the person who has to go to the bank and answer questions about what the money is being spent on.


The word ecologist is used to refer to people who study the interactions between organisms and their environment, in particular the interactions between humans and the natural world. The lifestyle of an ecologist tends to be quiet, contemplative, and focused on the inner world.

Farm technician

The job of a farm technician is to provide technical assistance to farmers and agribusinesses in everything from crop and soil management to animal health and nutrition. Farm technicians typically work on a part-time basis, spending most of their time assisting their employer on the farm or in the agribusiness office, but they may also be required to work on a temporary or contract basis.

Operations Manager

Operations managers are often responsible for a particular department or group of departments, and they must be able to think strategically in order to meet the needs of the organization as a whole. They are often given a high degree of autonomy in how they manage their departments, and they must be able to coordinate the work of many different people in order to meet their goals.


Veterinarians are responsible for the biological health and fitness of animals on the farm and in the homes. They prescribe medication for sick farm animals and also treat them when necessary. Due to the nature of this profession, it’s been ranked the most high paying agriculture job.

Water resources engineer

When it comes to managing our water supply and ensuring there’s enough water to go around, water resources engineers are the experts. They are the first line of defense when it comes to managing water resources and ensuring there’s enough water to go around. They are the ones who design and build the dams and reservoirs that help ensure our communities have a steady supply of water. They also help design and build the systems that deliver water to our communities, ensuring a steady supply of clean water.


A grower is in charge of planting, growing, harvesting, and distributing crops for human consumption, and animal feed. Growers manage fields and monitor crops to prevent illness and guarantee proper nutrition so that they may be distributed safely.

Environmental scientist

Most people have an idea of what environmental scientist does: they study our environment and the impact of human activity on it. But the reality is much more complex, and exciting, than that. Environmental scientists come from a range of backgrounds; some focus on researching the natural environment, others on the human side of things, and others on the complex interactions between the two.

They use a wide range of techniques and technologies to get a better understanding of our environment, from fieldwork and lab experiments to computer modeling and data analysis.

Agronomy manager

The Manager, Agronomy, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the crop production department, including the following responsibilities: Manages the day-to-day agronomic operations of the department, including hiring, training, and supervision of agronomists and other staff. Oversees the budget, makes decisions regarding necessary expenditures, and prepares and presents the annual budget to the CEO and Board of Directors for approval.

Quick List: High Paying Agriculture Jobs

  • Agribusiness manager
  • Farm manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Veterinarian
  • Ecologist
  • Water resources engineer
  • Grower
  • Environmental scientist
  • Agronomy manager
  • Farm technician
Top 10 High Paying Agriculture Jobs
Top 10 High Paying Agriculture Jobs


If you want to build a career in agriculture, you should also consider the paying potential of that profession. These are high paying agriculture jobs with estimated salaries per year. Amounts stated in this article may vary from one region to another.


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