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Top 10 Health Insurance Schemes in Singapore

Understanding health insurance

Health insurance protects you and your family from crippling debt in the case of an accident, illness, or disability. There are several sorts of health insurance policies available to assist you and your family in dealing with these bills.

Health insurance policies are classified into two types based on the duration of the coverage. Short-term health insurance and long-term health insurance are examples of periodic terminology.

Health insurance packages are offered as stand-alone products. Some health insurance policies have limitations or coverage, as do the health care institutions where they work. Take note of all of this important information before enrolling in health insurance. That is taking into consideration priorities in spending money on insurance schemes wisely. Let’s take a brief look at the MoneySense core financial capabilities framework.

Health Insurance Schemes in Singapore

MoneySENSE Core Financial Capabilities Framework

The MoneySENSE Fundamental Financial Capabilities Framework outlines five core financial capabilities that can assist customers in managing cash flow, purchasing a house within their means, caring for their healthcare requirements, and having enough income to last a lifetime. The framework can help financial advisers shape educational objectives for consumer financial education programs.

Many people may overlook the need of getting health insurance or the requirement for premium health insurance. In your daily activities, anything might happen to you. Priorities should also include prudent spending.

So, after you understand how much money you have, your daily duties, and how to plan ahead of time with your current money, you need to know how to strategically choose financial goods, in your case, selecting health insurance in Singapore that suits you and your daily activities.

Singapore’s Healthcare Financing Framework and Insurance Schemes

Singapore was founded on sound economics and budgetary restraint. Despite the pain of its secession from Malaysia in 1965, and the resulting loss of a hinterland, Singapore climbed fast up the economic league tables.

Financial sustainability in Singapore health care is based on three fundamental themes: a commitment to fiscal restraint through upfront restrictions on health care spending, the conservation of public funds through targeted subsidies, and a deliberate attempt to promote efficiency through market processes.

It is critical to keep these elements in mind in order to have a more nuanced understanding of what has changed, what has remained constant, and the possible lessons for other health systems.

List of Health Insurance Schemes in Singapore

Health Insurance SchemeBenefitsEligibility
Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)Access to $112 – $160 for simple and chronic( life-threatening diseases like diabetes, and heart treatment for a year.$1,200 monthly earners and residing in Singapore
ElderShieldAccess to $400 cash monthly for 72 months
Access to $300 monthly cash for 60 months
Residents living in Singapore
MediFundBenefits are based on the assessment of current situations and circumstances.Singapore Citizens
Assessed and accepted beneficiaries.
Screen For Life$0 Pioneer Generation
$2 Merdeka Generation
$2 CHAS Blue or Orange Card Holder
$2 CHAS Green Card Holder
Singapore Citizens
Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE)$150 to $250 cash benefit monthly Singapore Citizens
Citizens who can perform activities like washing, feeding oneself
Care Givers Trainng GrantUp to $200 per eligible patientSingapore Citizen
Merdeka GenerationPremium subsidies Singapore Citizen
Pioneer GenerationSubsidies for Outpatient careBe a Singapore citizen
Subsidies for Government Intermediate Long-Term Care ServicesDepends on:
1. Community care center
2. Home care center
3. Residential home
Be a Singapore Citizen
Already receiving health treatment from MOH Funded service provider
Senior Mobility and Enabling FundSubsidies for assistive device costs and home careMust be a Singapore Citizen
Health Insurance Schemes in Singapore

ElderShield, Dependants’ Protection Scheme, and Group Health Insurance

Health Insurance Schemes in Singapore: ElderShield, Dependants’ Protection Scheme, and Group Health Insurance

What About MediShield Life Premiums?

MediShield Life premiums are risk-shared to fund MediShield Life payments and benefits. The government contributes significantly to keeping premiums reasonable for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, especially those who must pay Additional Premiums.

Benefits of MediShield Life

If you enroll on MediShield Life, are some benefits a patient is entitled to at approved healthcare service provider centers.

  • Community or rehabilitative costs
  • Surgical procedures
  • Inpatient palliative care service
  • Psychiatric
  • Implants
  • Radiosurgery
  • General hospital care and treatment cost

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These are the reviewed top health insurance in Singapore among the numerous ones existing. Hope this information was helpful. If you have any suggestions kindly comment on this article. Subscribe to receive our weekly updates.



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