Top 8 Free Certificate Courses In Canada

Do you want to boost your resume? Here are free certificate courses in Canada you enroll in to get hired by companies.

Digital skills are becoming more relevant. Every company one way or the other utilizes computer professionals.

Skills you will learn from these certificate courses include digital marketing, Web solutions, website development, Google analytics professional, and a lot more to discover.

free certificate courses in Canada
Using free certification courses is the best way to boost your resume

List of free certificate courses in Canada to boost your resume

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • WordPress Academy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Code Academy
  • AWS Certification
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Web Design by Udemy
  • Coursera courses

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Do you find yourself in any marketing space? Or you just started building a career in marketing, the HubSpot inbound marketing certification course targets individuals aiming at learning the Inbound marketing techniques.

  • What to expect from it. Check the course;
    • Create content based on expertise, authoritativeness, and trust to educate.
    • Design and produce relevant content to suit customers’ interests.
    • Gain hands-on experience in using artificial intelligence tools for marketing.

Free WordPress Academy Certification

WordPress by far is the biggest and best content management system (CMS) used by billions of content creators and website developers across the globe. WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system.

Anyone can set up a WordPress website anytime and anywhere. A lot of companies are hiring people like you, however, it will take extra skills to set you apart from the multitude when you enroll in this WordPress Academy certification course.

  • What to expect from this course;
    • Hosting a WordPress site on a local host.
    • Installation of WordPress theme
    • Learn how to set up a fully functional eCommerce website.
    • Enhance your skills in building websites in CSS and HTML by converting them into PHP WordPress sites.
    • How to move a WordPress site to a live server.

Linked Learning

The leading professional platform to on now is LinkedIn. You may have an account but I doubt you have tried LinkedIn Learning. This feature of LinkedIn is a resource of many tutorials from world experts.

You can find courses in digital marketing, cyber security, computer programming, publishing and marketing, and a lot of professional courses.

The courses on Linked come with monthly charges yet are affordable. For you to see the value of the LinkedIn learning platform you are entitled to 30 day’s free trial after which your charges begin. 30 days I enough to complete your desired course.

Code Academy

Are you struggling to pay for a computer programming course online? You’re not alone. You may not have been the first person to be in this situation.

The free resources on Code Academy have been structured and designed by world-leading experts and trust me every programming course on code academy is beginner-friendly whiles you study yourself and progress to advanced studies.

AWS Certification

By demonstrating cloud knowledge with an industry-recognized credential, Amazon Web Solutions Certification supports learners in gaining credibility and self-assurance and helps businesses find qualified individuals to lead cloud initiatives using AWS.

Google Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy teaches you how to use Google’s measurement tools so that you may collect and analyze data wisely to expand your business.

Learn how to set up metrics and campaign tracking, install tracking code, examine basic reports, and use other fundamental Google Analytics tools.

Web Design by Udemy

Udemy Web design courses are one hundred percent hands-on practicals to give you experience before completing a full course.

You can get most of the web design courses on udemy for free. For example; you can try looking at these top Javascript courses on udemy.

Coursera courses

Learn new skills on Coursera and boost your resume. Coursera courses are designed and run by prestigious Universities in Canada and their certificates are highly recognized.

Start a new course on Coursera by enrolling in a free or paid course. If by chance your course of interest is expensive and cannot afford it, you can apply for financial aid or assistance on the Coursera website.


So, we have gone through a brief introduction of free certification courses to boost your resume. I hope this information was helpful. Share with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates.

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