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Top 4 Free Apps to track android phones

Ever wanted to keep track of your partner’s whereabouts and movements? In particular, parents want to monitor their children’s movements to protect their safety. With the advancement of technology, practically everything is now feasible while using a cell phone in daily activities. When a phone is lost or stolen, Android trackers enabled on the phone can be used to locate the device.

You’ll need both the target device to be tracked and an active internet connection in order to track an android phone successfully. We want to take a moment to remind you that this blog is meant to be educational and is not intended to promote unlawful activity before we dive into the specifics of how to track Android phones.

Free Apps to track android phones
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GeoZilla – Find My Family

On the Google Play store, the GeoZilla find my family android phone tracker is at the top of the list. This is the most excellent software to use if your family and friends’ safety is your top priority. If there is an active internet connection via cellular mobile data or a wireless connection, the android tracker software enables you to share location and track family members wherever they may be.

The mobile app tracker is the best option for groups of people or closest friends who want to exchange location information because data provided over the tracker is safeguarded from hackers and unauthorized users who may try to access information.

  • Features of GeoZilla:
    • Easy sharing of location with friends and family
    • Easy link to GPS trackers on android phones
    • Ability to know the time one arrives and leaves a particular location
    • The app allows you to read the history of previous locations and time
    • The app allows you to set emergency contacts
    • App sends an emergency alert notification to emergency contacts when in danger

Life360 – Find Family and Friends

Utilizing Real-Time Location Sharing technology, the Life360 family locator enables family members to keep checks on anyone else’s movements. Instead of having to send many text messages to let friends, parents, and loved ones know you’ve arrived or left a location, the family locator automatically sends notifications.

This app uses in-built GPS in android phones to share real-time locations any time of the day and night. A standard GPS sends location sharing with the minimum internet connection strength. This implies that with a poor network you can still share your location. All you need is to download the Life360 Android Tracker App, register, and follow the instructions.

  • Features of Life360 android tracker:
    • Option to create a private group
    • View real-time location of members connected
    • Able to track missing or stolen android phones
    • The app can track both Android and iPhone
    • Instant alerts via real-time location sharing

Google Find My Device

Google find my device was released on 11 December 2013 by Google LLC with over 100,000,000+ downloads on the google play store. It requires a minimum of android 4.1 to install and run Google find my device. The app allows you to track and see the live location of any target phone via Google Maps.

  • Features of Google Find My Device:
    • The app allows to control phone rings remotely
    • You can access and wipe information on the target phone remotely in cases of theft
    • View and read real-time locations
    • Access to lock systems on phones remotely
    • Ability to check network and battery status

Number Locator – GPS Location

Number locator android phone tracking app has about 50 million+ downloads globally with a minimum of Android 4.4 to install and run the App. The App can help you find your phone via caller ID and phone number location. Number locator can search call locations by adding new numbers to the number locator app.

  • Features of Number Locator:
    • Able to track a phone with SMS on google map
    • Caller notification with flashlight alert
    • Able to identify strange callers and block spammers


These are the four fee apps you can use to track any android phone and others for IOS. Give them a try. We want to hear from you in the comment box. Remember this is an educational blog and every piece of information provided here is for educational purposes. Check our list of low-cost laptops with high performance.



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