FIFA Authorities Angry: Fans Smuggle Alcohol To Qatar Stadiums World Cup 2022

The FIFA world cup 2022 begins today 20th November in Qatar with millions of football fans traveling from all over the world to Qatar to witness this moment of greatness in the world of football.

Preparations made towards the FIFA world cup, was listed in the ban of alcohol to the Qatar stadiums. The host nations Qatar wants moral standards observed in the country but will this work?

According to Pengman, “after changing its policy two days before the start of the tournament. Non-alcoholic beer will still be sold at all 64 matches in the country”.

“Fans have however found a way to sneak in some alcohol into the stadiums. According to authorities, they will make sure to keep alcoholic drinks away from supporters during the games”.

“Regardless, the mood is intensifying at the Al- Bayt Stadium for the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2022”.

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