Is Family First Life a legitimate company? Scam Alert

Family First Life is made up of individual agents from all around the United States who fully understand the importance of life insurance and its impact on families. They assist your family to maintain stability when you are deceased.

We’ve recently had people give negative feedback about Family First Life. What’s the worst thing you can do to make someone think Family First is a reputable company? While the investigation and interviews are still ongoing, the following statements were reported on the NAAIP website.

Family First Life
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Family first life complaints

“Mark had been with FFL for three years when he was advised that the right method to earn money as an agent is to acquire leads from FFL’s CRM. Mark spent $1,000 on two batches of leads. Mark is a clever man who is qualified to offer financial goods, and he recognized the need to “brand” oneself and learn how to create leads.”

“As a self-assured and kind guy, Mark continued to spread the word on FFL’s WhatsApp group chat, FFL’s Facebook groups, and his own Facebook page that “it is simple to start up a Facebook ad campaign,” and his results were considerably superior to purchasing FFL’s CRM leads.”

“Mike Killimett, the Managing Partner at Integrity Marketing Group, the parent firm of Family First Life, barred Mark from FFL’s groups and threatened a lawsuit on a voice message.”

“The carriers that Family First Life hooked him up with canceled Mark’s appointments. The termination was especially damaging because he couldn’t recontract for six months after his final sale or first contract with a major carrier.” So, that is what Mark experienced and shared with other insurance agents. Let’s dig deep into knowing more about this company.

Who owns family first life?

Shawn Meaike is a hardworking professional with an unrivaled work ethic. He has written multiple articles on the “Psychology of the Sale,” highlighting the need for motivation and empathy in successful sales careers.

Shawn has a special knack for inspiring, training, and optimizing human resources, and he is exceedingly giving in all aspects of his life. Shawn has a unique and important capacity to comprehend and give exactly what each management, vendor, employee, and agent requires. He leads from the front and is a great ally to his whole team and staff.

Family first life lead cost

A Family First Life recruiter enticed Ron Le Vine of Florida to become a new insurance salesperson by making great promises. Ron claims that Family First Life had no training. “Go make phone calls,” was the training. Ron was advised to spend between $750 and $1,500 each week on FFL leads. Watch the interview below.

Ron interviewed on leads fraud at the family first life agency

Family First Life pyramid scheme

Family First Life vs Primerica

Primerica provides low-cost term life insurance to help you safeguard your family during the years when they need it the most. Primerica invented the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” plan, which combines Term Life Insurance with a smart investing strategy. They teach you how to methodically erase debt in a logical and targeted way using the idea of Debt Stacking.

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Whatever the goal of FFL, you need to assess them carefully before signing up for any scheme or all policies. If you have any experience with this company we would like you to drop a comment and don’t forget to subscribe for updates. Thank you for reading.

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