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Boating accidents do happen when we least expect them. The course having fun and enjoying the cruise on board an unexpected situation will present itself. In this article, we will take you through all you need to know about boating accidents and why you need a boating accident attorney when a boat accident occurs.

Boating accidents come in many forms. Boating accidents can be a head-on collision with another boat of small size you probably thought you could bypass, crushing into vessels, a person falling and drowning in the water, people going missing from the board, boat explosion, or operator failure is the most common boating accidents in the United States.

As a consequence of recreational boating incidents, the Coast Guard recorded 4,168 accidents, 613 deaths, 2,559 injuries, and $55 million in property damage in the United States. Below are the statistics break down of boating accidents that occurred in the past years 2018 and 2019. Many lives were lost and the property was damaged. Aside, that taking care of responsibilities and you will need a legal advisor.

Common causes of boating accidentsPercentage of dead victims from boating accidents
Drowned victims86% of drowned victims were without life jackets
Boating accidents caused by alcohol23% percent of death in boating accidents was caused by alcoholic behavior.
Operators’ safety protocol failure20% of death as a result of operator safety guides failure
Propeller injuries 35 deaths were recorded getting in between boat propellers
Open water boats45% deaths
Cabin water boats16% of victims lost their lives
Open watercraft19% of death records
Boating Accident Attorney
A boating accident on the sea

What can result in boating accidents? About 70% of boating accidents are caused by a human failure while the 30% is as a result of machine or wreck boat systems. Operators not focusing is a higher contribution of boating accidents in the United States. An operator controlling a boat may want to check and change GPS. The operator may lose focus or attention when he or she is engaged in lengthy conversations and these activities are all likely to cause boating accidents.

Records presented also showed that most boating accidents are a result of operator inexperience. This is very common among teenagers who tend to get a chance on their parent’s boats for parties. Inexperience operator boating accidents contribute to 70% of death from boating accidents according to the Coastal Guard USA. There have also been many incidents of boats capsizing as a result of overspeeding, submerged rocks, heavy waves, and poor training skills.

A lot of irresponsible actions cause boating accidents daily just as we have cars and big trucks getting involved in road accidents and people losing their lives as a result of reckless behavior.

How do you respond to a boating accident?

When there is a boating accident, here is what you have to do. Taking care of a boating accident, at first, sight does not require you to be an operator. Everyone on board has a responsibility to undertake.

Here are the emergency tips when there is a boating accident

  1. Put everyone to safety first and administer the first aid.
  2. Contact the emergency as soon as possible. Call 911.
  3. Protect the scene by securing boundaries to prevent loss of information that will be needed for further investigation.
  4. Make vivid documentation of the boating accident because you will need to call a boating accident attorney.

Reasons why you need a boating accident attorney

You may want to call in a boating accident lawyer when there is a boating accident. Getting compensation from your boat insurance company be stressful. Oftentimes, boating accident victims do not get compensated when the insurance adjusters finally get to the bottom of using any possible mistake you may have done to cause the accident to wipe you off insurance compensation or stall you.

To receive compensation for a boating accident, you must show that another person was negligent or intentional in their actions. Yes, it is very normal for someone’s action to cause a boating accident. It is up to you the owner of the boat to get to the bottom of this. This implies that you must demonstrate that someone owed you a duty of care and broke that responsibility, or that the occurrence was caused by banned maritime activity.

One thing you need to ensure before allowing an operator to handle your boat is to make sure the operator has liability insurance to take care of damages that may occur during a boating accident. In cases in which the operator has no liability insurance, the boating accident attorney has to negotiate with your insurance company. In most states, the law requires every operator to purchase liability insurance. In other states, you can operate a boat without liability insurance.

A boating accident lawyer will negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf to ensure you receive a reasonable settlement amount. The attorney will also advise you on if you should file a suit directly against the responsible party. A boating accident complaint has a lot of standards and protocols a lawyer will have to evaluate, collect evidence, and devise a plan based on the results. So, you do not have to take on a boating accident case by yourself. You can run at a loss if you don’t push things right.

Many events are more terrifying than an accident on the open sea. It makes no difference whether you’re in a little pond or a large lake – the scenario might be terrible. You expected a relaxing and enjoyable day, not one that ended in tragedy.

List of boating accident attorneys in the USA you should contact

Final Thought

Boating and water activities can be enjoyable, but major injuries can occur. The vast majority of maritime accidents involve persons operating personal watercraft or engaging in recreational water activities. Victims wounded in these incidents, as well as bereaved family members of those killed in such accidents, must be aware of their legal rights in such instances.

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