Top 10 Boat Rentals At Beaver Lake

If you just decided to take a break on beaver lake, here are the best boat rentals at beaver lake you can look out for to enjoy your vacation with safety assured. Holidays on beaver lake are one of the best destinations for tourism, relaxation, and family time.

On Beaver Lake, private concessionaires provide gasoline supply services to ensure that boats that run out of fuel are refilled, preventing visitors from becoming stranded on the lake. Skiers and scuba diving are also allowed on beaver lake with guards’ supervision around to avoid accidents.

For the individual’s safety boat rentals do not tolerate alcoholism on boats. Alcohol on vessels has led to numerous boating accidents. Also note, that there are restrictions to the region to swim on the beaver lake due to E.coli infections. All these are the priorities of boat rentals at beaver lake to ensure your safety.

List of Boat Rentals At Beaver Lake

Boat Rentals CompaniesContact
Lake Fayetteville Boat & Bike Rental(479) 444-3476
Lost Bridge Marina(479) 359-3222
Prairie Creek Marina[email protected]
(479) 925-1623
Starkey Marina(479) 253-8194
Horseshoe Bend Marina(479) 925-1545
Beaver Lake Outdoor Center(479) 877-4984
Hickory Creek Marina(479) 751-7366
Lake Shore Cabins On Beaver Lake(479) 253-7699
Holiday Island Marina(479) 253-8300
Beaver Lakefront Cabins(888) 253-9210

Lake Fayetteville Boat & Bike Rental

Lake Fayetteville Boat & Bike Rental has services for all kinds of recreational activities for your holidays. Find below the type of boats available for rental.

  • List of boats for rentals
    • Aquacycle
    • Double Kayak
    • Single Kayak
    • Electric Fishing Boat
    • Pontoon (4 – Person)
    • 24′ Deck Pontoon

Lost Bridge Marina

Half-day and full-day boat rentals are available at Lost Bridge Marina, including deck boat rentals, pontoon boat rentals, ski boat rentals, and high-performance pontoon rentals ideal for tubing and skiing.

  • List of boat rentals at lost bridge marina
    • High-performance pontoon
    • 25′ pontoon
    • 19′ ski boat
    • 24′ pontoon
    • ski rentals
    • tube
    • wakeboard
    • 23′ deck boat

Prairie Creek Marina

  • Services available at Prairie Creek Marina
    • Swimming beaches
    • Hiking trails
    • Boat rentals
    • Picnic sites and shelters
    • Lake floating restaurants

Starkey Marina

  • List of boat rentals
    • Sunsation
    • Sun deck
    • 23 foot tritoon (150 HP)
    • 25 foot pontoon (115 HP)
    • 22 foot tritoon (150 HP)
    • 29-foot pontoon
    • 20-foot pontoon
    • 24-foot pontoon

Beaver Lake Outdoor Center

  • List of rentals at beaver lake outdoor center
    • Jet Ski
    • Mountain Bike
    • Stand-up paddle boards
    • Kayaks (single and double)
    • Ski boat tubes

Holiday Island Marina

  • List of rentals at holiday island marina
    • Canoe
    • Boat slip
    • 23′ Crest Tritoon
    • Kayak
    • 26′ Aloha Sundeck with waterslide
    • Tritoon
    • Pontoon
    • Sea-Doo personal watercraft

Be advised that we boat operators need insurance to operate. In the absence of this arrangement, you may want to seek the concern of a boating accident attorney.


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